Order and entropy, creation and destruction— an uneasy balance sustains the universe. This is the philosophy of the githzerai.

Zerthadlun, one of the largest githzerai communities, sits in the heart of the Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo, where that balance is the subject of lifelong contemplation and study. The Order of Rrakkma seeks the proper blend of activity and meditation, work and leisure, self and community. Zerthadlun is a peaceful oasis in the tumult of the Elemental Chaos.

Zerthadlun is a walled city built on a wide expanse of rock, transformed by labor and ritual into fields where the githzerai grow thin but hardy crops. The architecture and décor of the city are best described as austere, allowing plenty of comfort but little luxury.

Cenobites are the adult githzerai who have taken a vow to obey the community’s rules and defend it from attack, and they make up about three-quarters of the city’s population. The remaining population consists of young githzerai, a few adult githzerai who have not taken the vow, and a handful of non-githzerai attached to the community. Cenobites live in communal housing and work in fields or group workplaces where they produce goods for trade within the community and sale beyond its walls.


A select few among the cenobites, called the Sustainers, are released from the responsibilities of daily work to spend their waking hours in meditation that keeps the Elemental Chaos at bay. Their retreat at the exact center of the city is all but sealed off, and these nineteen monks live lives of complete seclusion.

More than once, assassins employed by the efreets of the nearby Ashblack Outpost, a colony of the City of Brass, have tried and failed to eliminate the Sustainers and thereby destroy the city.


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