The artifact appears above the Shape of Fire, etched in flame. It unfolds, grows large, and on each panel is a recessed shape. One small, barely the size of a coin. The next is three feet long, thin in the middle with a rectangular shape at either end. The third is as long as the second, but with winged shapes on either end. The fourth and fifth are hollowed out semi-spheres.

And in the sixth, Eddard sees a familiar ring. His father’s. The gem is unbroken again, swirling with living flame.

The Asharus is an artifact created eons ago by the Erethu Tsaggothua to reset existence. It is a cube that seems to require six additional components to function.

So far, the group knows of two components:

  1. Kar’tho: Tane Cordoba’s signet ring
  2. Ru’mo: Currently wrapped suggestively around Gareth’s magic sword; previously resided within an ancient Gith vault within Darken Wood, on the world of Krynn



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