Welcome to the City of Doors, cutter. There’s a lot of weird stuff banging around these days:

Like for instance…

  • What treasure is Fallon seeking?
  • What’s Estavan up to?
  • Who (and, at this point, more importantly, where) is Arthani?

Some questions answered…

  • Where did Doros Gilex (also known as Colm O’Bradaigh) gain his powers? What’s he up to? He got his powers from Erethu Tsathoggua, and… well, he’s dead. The group killed him within the mines of Phandelver, as he was trying to take the Asharus.
  • Where’d Fallon and the mercenaries go?
    • Turns out, Fallon hopped a portal to Treetown, aka Abanasinia on the world of Krynn. Looking for “treasure”.
    • Ekxire, tiefling, came by Corril Feyborn’s offices asking about the Astral Plane and insisted he needed to get there. Kept saying, “I’ll get around to it.”
    • Tervo Hillclimber, halfling. kips with his wife and kids down in the Lower Ward.
  • How do Erethu Tsathoggua and the Illithid factor in? What are the Illithid? Tsathoggua was a guiding force in the evolution of sentience, at least according to Gith texts. The Illithid were its means of interfacing with the Prime and the early sentient creatures there. More known information: Erethu Tsathoggua.

And then there’s Eddard Cordoba and his family’s fall from grace.

  • What are the repercussions of Eddard burning his family’s documents of nobility?
  • What are the true motives of the Shape of Fire?
  • Why did Crale have Tane Cordoba’s signet ring?

And that Gareth basher? Blood’s got some serious mommy issues.

  • What’s up with Gareth’s mother? Where is she and why is she looking for him?
  • How’s Gareth’s dad doing, back in Waterdeep?

Don’t forget Ziegfried Ironhand, the digger who don’t smith like his family.

And that’s just the stuff you know about.

You may also be interested in the Adventure Log or the list of characters. And if you’re having a hard time following, learn a bit more about that weird planar cant that all the bloods are speaking and stop being such an addle-coved clueless.


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