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  • Johnny Hammer

    The grizzled owner of the [[Harlequin's Flask]]. Johnny isn't a great bartender and his pub probably doesn't make enough money to keep itself going, so he deals in information to make ends meet.

  • Arthani

    Arthani is a doppelganger who potentially assassinated [[Fesdin Crale]], took his guise, and assisted [[Doros Gilex]] in destroying the main portal to [[Sigil]] from [[Tradegate]]. Hea was handed over to [[Estavan]] and the [[Planar Trade Consortium]]. …

  • Doros Gilex

    [[File:426147 | class=media-item-align-none | 2015-02-16_2143.png]] His real name is Colm Ó Brádaigh and he came from a town called Killavullen in a mundane world known only for the far snails from one of its caves. He was taken over by a [[Erethu …

  • Satu

    An initiate of the [[Order of Rrakkma]]. Satu is earnest and excitable and she seems to be genuinely concerned about the dangers of [[Erethu Tsathoggua | Erethu Tsathoggua]] and with helping the companions.

  • Tane Cordoba

    Also known as the Dark Stranger. Eddard's father. A very powerful sorcerer and organized crime boss who had dealings with [[Estavan]] and the Planar Trade Consortium. Also held the [[Shape of Fire]] captive in his signet ring, drawing upon her power …

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